Kyphosis and scoliosis

I am interested in working with people (of all ages) who have some sort of curvature of the spine … such as scoliosis and/or kyphosis. (It would be most helpful (but not mandatory) if you have not already had surgery to correct it!)

It is ‘possible’ that soft tissue work (of some kind), applied in the right places, could help with pain levels, curvatures and overall function. I’ve ordered the Schroth Method book to see if it might fit into the style of work I do.…

(If you have personally used this method, I’d love to hear about your experience!)

Treatment will probably be lengthy (meaning you’ll probably need to come in more than once or twice!) and involve a lot of very individualized stretching techniques and will be cheaper for you, in the long run, if you remember to do these exercises at home.

Just to be clear, I am not a Schroth practitioner. I’ve not taken any of their classes. I will not be doing strictly Schroth stuff. I just think this style sounds kind of similar to my own thought processes.

If you are interested in discussing this, or in setting up an appointment, give me a call or send me an email.