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muscles_bgHealth History Form –You can download (and print) the Health History form here and fill it out at home, without the pressure of taking up treatment time. Please do this before you come to your first appointment.

Evaluating your health is an important part of treatment. Tummy troubles, car accidents, silly-little-accidents-not-worth-mentioning, and headaches could all be related somehow. In order to get as close to the source of the problem as possible, it’s good to have as much information as possible. Unlocking the puzzle of your soft tissue (muscle and fascia) restrictions is what I look forward to doing!

A part of every treatment will also be used to evaluate your gait and posture. (For example, what are your feet doing compared to your pelvis? What is your pelvis doing compared to your head? What is your head doing compared to your feet?) For a first-time appointment, please consider scheduling a 90 minute treatment to allow adequate time for the evaluation and the treatment.

● 60 minute session $90.00

● 75 minute session $100.00

● 90 minute session $110.00

There are packages, as well:

1 pkg of 10-60 min massage sessions

Buy 9, get 1 free (#10 can be table time only OR table time plus corrective exercise)

                $90*9 = $810

1 pkg of 10-75 min massage sessions

                $85*9 = $900

1 pkg of 10-90 min massage sessions

               $95*9 = $990