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March 26, 2016

Side lying – from hip to shoulder – what connects where

Beyond Post Event Massage – comparing different techniques on relieving muscle cramps (how those techniques are different, how they are similar, and is one better than the other?)

-Self-care series

a 12 hour series of classes; Using positional release, muscle energy techniques, and active isolated stretches; We’ll be reviewing skeletal and muscular anatomy and looking at different ways the body is connected. We will spend the remaining time of each class treating ourselves with various techniques.

-last offered on Feb 7, 2015
Self Care Series—Foot and Ankles; (Bring your table. Plan to have your legs exposed from the knees down.)

-last offered on May 2, 2015
Self Care Series— Pelvis and Low Back
(Bring your table. Wear loose fitting, comfortable pants.)

-last offered on Oct 3, 2015
Self Care Series—Upper Extremity
(Bring your table. Plan to have your arms exposed from the shoulders down.)

-last offered on Dec 5, 2015
Self Care Series — Head and Neck— Levators, Palatinis and Glossals, oh my!
For those comfortable with working inside their own mouths, this will include muscles of the soft palate, tongue and jaw, in addition to other muscles of the head and neck.
(Bring your table. Plan to have your entire neck exposed (i.e. no turtlenecks!).)

Sports Massage Specialist Series

a 96 hour series of classes
that culminated in the Sports Massage Specialist certificate

Class #1 – Event Massage
24 hrs
last offered March 10-12, 2012; not scheduled to be offered again

Class #2 – Therapeutic Stretching
24 hrs
last offered Sep 29-Oct 2, 2012; not scheduled to be offered again

Class #3 – Muscle Energy Technique (and positional release)
24 hrs
last offered April 6-8, 2013; not scheduled to be offered again

Class #4 – Postural Analysis
24 hrs
last offered June 14-16, 2014; not scheduled to be offered again